Privacy Policy

Respecting users’ privacy is one of our core principles. We, here at Jnktn, take your privacy very seriously. In general we’re NOT interested in collecting any information about you or what you do online. This page explains what kind information can be exposed through the use of third-party software and services to their servers. We may occasionally update this page. Users must check the latest revision before using the website or other related services. Important changes to this page are listed in the Revision history section below. For a detailed history of changes to this page checkout the git history of its content.

For general recommendations regarding privacy, checkout Jnktn’s guide to online privacy.

Mandatory Services

We consider the main functionality of Jnktn.TV to be the Video Stream and the possibility to chat with other people in the community. The following services are required to fullfill this functionality.


Owncast hosted on is embedded as an iframe to Jnktn.TV. Owncast does not store any cookies.

[] is a provider of embeddable chats. Jnktn utilizes as provider for the chat-platform embedded on this website. Please read the Privacy policy of carefully. Note that logs IP-Addresses of users for moderation purposes.

Optional Services

Parts of our website utilize third-party services with their own privacy statements. We consider these parts of Jnktn as “optional”. Those sites are not needed for our primary purpose.


Mixcloud is a audio-streaming platform used by Jnktn to save recordings of our shows. Mixcloud embeds are embedded throughout the team member pages and the shows pages. Please read about Mixclouds Privacy Policy for further details.


Soundcloud is a audio-streaming platform that allows embedding tracks and playlists on to our website. Soundcloud embeds are used throughout the team member pages and the shows pages. Please read about Soundcloud Privacy Policy for further details.

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