Dance Attack with Ruffy

hosted by: Ruffy

Have you ever wondered whether there’s a upper limit for the tempo of a song? No? Ruffy neither.

Gary's Citrus Club

hosted by: Gary

Revisit Edinburgh’s Famous Citrus Club for a Saturday Night of Indie and Classic Rock Vibes. Grab your Red Stripe and Peach Schnapps and join your host, The King of the Edinburgh Streets, The 2006 Rhodes Pub Quiz Champion, he’s 5 foot 10 with a beard of steel, he’s the beast, the legend…..

Get Ready with Andrina

hosted by: Andrina

Grab your make up, dancing shoes and Prosecco as you get ready for your night in or out as Andrina takes you through skin care and make up routines whilst jamming to amazing beats.

JCs Juice Box

hosted by: JC

Nothing but the finest, freshest squeezed retro electronic juice straight from the nips of JC! What flavour will we get this time?

Jumboshrimp's catch of the week

hosted by: Jumboshrimp

If you’re into quality and variety, look no further, since Jumboshrimp will make sure to sort you out with a feast for the ears.

hosted by: Shrik3


Unpopular Stream

hosted by: Michan

A weird journey through the sonic landscape! Unpopular Stream is an hour-long playlist, mostly from non-mainstream artists and includes a mixture of electronic music genres from splittercore to dark ambient. It is a walk back road for nights when I’m lost.

Vera's Radio Show

hosted by: Vera

#ShakeYourBumcheeks with tunes from every genre. No show will be the same!

worky fae Rollerstop

hosted by: Worky

worky in the Buff

hosted by: Worky