Dance Attack with Ruffy

Hosted by: Ruffy

Let me tell you the story of DJ Fluffy I mean DJ Ruffy … Well, doesn’t really mather - a DJ. The legends says, that one night he played pop music at a club, and at some point he noticed that nobody was dancing anymore. People were bound to a curse some ancient cultures called “Smartphones”. “That has to change, I need to save them”, he said to himself. Next evening he started to play music from the mysterious land of EDM that was known to heal all kinds of diseases. And to his surprise it worked - suddenly the crowd noticed a previously unfelt urge to move their feet to the driving beats. Slowly the curse was lifted, people laid down their phones, and as a side-effect also started to loose weight.

Mh, yeah. That story sucks. Dance Attack doesn’t! Just tune in, you’ll love it!

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